Open Interviews

Do you want to tell the story as you saw things from your point of view, now is your chance. If you are arrested and feel no one is listening to you email us and tell us your story.

Have you been wrongfully arrested? If so we would love to hear the accounts as you know them. Many times the so called news gets only one side of the story. We at would like to give you chance to tell your side of the story.

Interviews will be done over the internet so we do not have to meet. You simply contact us through email at [email protected] Once we verify your identity through facebook we will send you a set of questions we would like for you to answer. You can take your time collect your thoughts and answer them at your own desecration. The point here is to provide a pressure free space for you to speak up on your own behalf. 

Please understand that we might ask about details described from other reports or accounts that maybe hard for you to talk about. Never the less if you are interested feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will allow you to speak up and tell your side of the events. 

KCJB Moderator | 01-09-2018

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