KCJB Version 2.0

On January 1st, 2018 we pushed the newer version of our site live. Well it wasn't perfect and we have some layout / design issues to deal with. Our team was ringing in the new year and had a bit to much to drink.

We are all proud to announce the rollout of our new updated website. Our team has read your comments, considered your suggestions, and worked very hard to implement new features that will add enjoyment to our website. We understand the controversy surrounding our entire primus. That is to be expected. We are not the most sensitive in our dealings with booking information. Never the less contrary to what our critics say we are very professional in our strategy and goal tracking. Our short-term goal to publish a newer version of the KCJB.online has been met ahead of schedule and underbudget. Thank you to our team of developers who worked hard getting this project done while efficiently while also continuing their day to day maintenance. With no further ado we would like to introduce you to KCJB.online v2.0. 

Home page

One of the first things you may notice is a more textual homepage. Reading the criticism from some of our anti-fans we acknowledge our lack a clear mission statement or a well-defined purpose. The home page has been designed to properly state our goals and set the direction we plan on moving.

Recent Arrests

The recent arrests pages have been moved, we feel this gives the site depth. Although you will find much more to do on each arrest. You can select a random record, go directly to search, vote guilty or not, and vote smash or pass. You will also notice the facebook comment and share features.


The about page have not changed. It is our hope that everyone reads the about page to clearly understand how we feel about what we do and what to expect from us.


The contact us page now has a few extra notes. The most important is that we are not managed by the county jail or any law enforcement branch. This is important to know when contacting us. If you have a crime to report you need to report it to the proper authorities not us. If you have an emergency please call 911.


Unfortunately, we had to delay a lot of our search features from this version, release. We had to meet our deadline and budget right. We did include two new search features and are planning many more. The two we added will allow you to view the top ten arrestees with the most, guilty votes as well as the top ten with the most not guilty votes.  There may be some overlap depending on the popularity of the arrestee however, we are working on a guilt rating algorithm. This guilt rating to give the arrestee a percentage rating based on a few factors, rather than simply counting votes.

Jail House Blog

We are very excited to rollout our beta blog system. This system isn't ready for a full launch yet. For now, we will be inviting a small number of our followers that wish to contribute by writing blogs and beta testing the system for us. Testing in the real world always flushes out bugs much faster than internal testing. If beta testing our blogging system is something you might be interested in email [email protected]. Details will be given to you at that time.

Smash -or- Pass

Maybe the worst decision we made this year is to include what we are calling the "mugshot beauty contest" or Smash or Pass. This is something that was very popular before the website and many of our followers asked us to bring back. The idea is simple, if you would smash you click smash if not click pass. We divided the arrestees by gender, to make it easier for you to search by interest. We have also added a leaderboard that displays the top three smashed arrestees in both genders.


What's next for the site

In the short term we are first planning to fix the layout / design issues. As well as invite beta testers to give our blog system a kick in the teeth. Once the blog system is working as we like, the next big update will be an entirely new design. In between that time, we are planning smaller feature updates once every 30-45 days. We have big plans for this site. We are very excited that you are here for the beginning and thank you for your continued support. 


KCJB Moderator | 01-01-2018

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