Jailhouse Slam Recipe

Share this link with your girl friends so they can learn to cook like the homies. Don't be shy get your man hooked up with this easy to make noodle slam.

So, you just got out and your ol’ lady asks what do you want for dinner. Damn remember when the boys made that slam for thanksgiving in the block? Yeah that was fire we know. Its all good because now you can send this link to your ol’ lady and she can fix you up just like that. 

The first thing you’re going to need are the ingredients. The good thing about cooking this up on the outs is the cost. Locked up they tax you hard for these cheap items, on the outs it will cost about one third of the cost. No more two for ones in the block store or trading your mains either. 


Two Roman noodle packs – flavor not important

Two big spoon fulls of cheese squeeze or one large package.

One super long Slim Jim. 

Small bag of Frito corn chips.


The very first thing you want to do is turn on the hot water. This is something being locked up you might not have access to. Let the water run until its as hot as it gets. 

While that’s heating up unwrap the Slim Jim and cut it up in to small pieces. 

Now get you a large bowl, break up the noodles before putting them in the bowl with the hot water. Let that sit for about 20 minutes. During this time, you need to go hook your mans up with some brains. We love that shit. 

When you get back drain the water from the bowl add your Slim Jim and cheese squeeze. Mix that all up and bam.

Serving the slam can go two ways. The first way that most of us like is the crunched-up Fritos on top. For the more sophisticated type you serve the Fritos chips on the side not crunched-up. 

This meal is best with a large tumbler full of ice cold red flavored kool-aid. 

There you have it, a noodle slam your man will love while he’s on the outs missing all his homies. Follow these steps in this recipe and make sure he never finds out about Jody and he’ll come back to you every time he gets released. 

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