Facebook Messaging Turns to Robbery

If you are getting friend requests from people you don't know don't add them. Social media can be a great thing to bring people together but at the same time it can be used to find victims.

Timothy Leigh Bowen Jr, 27, from, Warsaw, charged with two counts of driving while suspended, failure to stop after an accident, operating a vehicle with a BAC between .08 and .15, battery causing bodily injury, intimidation, criminal mischief, and failure to appear. Bond set at $3247.82 surety and cash.


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Wednesday night on January 24th, a facebook conversation started up just like so many others, I am sure. However, this conversation will end very badly for one and even worse for the other. Timothy Leigh Bowen Jr. is accused of robbing a young woman at gun point. Along with various other crimes, including criminal mischief, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and driving while suspended.

Picture this if you will (this is only a reenactment of what might have taken place). 

Your phone dings and a man has sent you a facebook message asking "wyd". You simply replay "nothing much about to walk to walmart". He then offers you a ride and for what ever reason you accept. Things are going just as you thought, he picks you up seems ok. You continue on your way, stopping at the gas station, then maybe getting some chicken nuggets from McDonald's. 

Next thing you know he slams the breaks the vehicle comes to a jerking stop and now there is a gun pressed up against the side of your face. You're scared because at this point you realize what a huge mistake you made trusting this person. He begins shouting and demands your money and cell phone. Of course you comply and hand over everything he asked for. You're thinking just get out of the car. So you reach for the handle its not locked and you get out. The vehicle then speeds away. 

This is exactly the type of thing that happen to a young woman here in Warsaw on that Wednesday night on January 24th. Luckily she was able to get out of the car and report what happen to her to the Warsaw Police. She is very lucky that she did not suffer severe injury. After reporting what happen to the police, police were able to locate the vehicle she described. From the reports we read it seems as if the police knew the vehicle she described and where to find it. 

Police then knocked on the door where the descriped vehicle was parked and upon doing so Bowen fled out the back. Police took after him and ordered him to halt. Bowen complied and was then taken into custody. He advised police that the woman was trying to buy drugs from him and that he simply completed the transaction and dropped her off. Officers were able to search the residence and found what is believed to be the hand gun used in the robbery. Bowen confirmed that they would find his finger prints on the weapon. Bowen also gave a detained account of this alleged drug deal taking place on "Bluewater Drive". 

Young people please read this a second time. Understand that this is a true story and one that ended without anyone being raped or killed. However, they all do not end this way. If you are messaging on facebook or any online media do not just blindly trust people you have never met. If you are getting friend requests from people you don't know don't add them. Social media can be a great thing to bring people together but at the same time it can be used to find victims. 

KCJB Moderator | 01-26-2018

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