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Facebook Messaging Turns to Robbery

KCJB Moderator | 01-26-2018

If you are getting friend requests from people you don't know don't add them. Social media can be a great thing to bring people together but at the same time it can be used to find victims.

Suicide Outside County Jail

KCJB Moderator | 01-19-2018

In the morning hours of January 18th, 2018 on a Thursday, 32 year old Chase Higgins was released from custody, shortly after he was found dead from an apparent suicide.

Complaints Lead to Drug Busts

KCJB Moderator | 01-17-2018

There is nothing worse than a bad neighbor that is not only rude but also breaking the law. You can only be one you can not be both and not expect your neighbors complain.

I aint cleaning the damn house

KCJB Moderator | 01-15-2018

Hall has two other arrests recorded on this site the first being for false informing his bond was set at $500.00 cash. The second for driving while suspended with a prior his bond set at $450.00 cash.

Guide to Smash or Pass

KCJB Moderator | 01-12-2018

With nearly 100 arrests every week, we are adding new mugshots on a huge scale very quickly. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Jailhouse Slam Recipe

KCJB Moderator | 01-10-2018

Share this link with your girl friends so they can learn to cook like the homies. Don't be shy get your man hooked up with this easy to make noodle slam.

Open Interviews

KCJB Moderator | 01-09-2018

Do you want to tell the story as you saw things from your point of view, now is your chance. If you are arrested and feel no one is listening to you email us and tell us your story.

Incarceration vs rehabilitation

Michael lannon | 01-06-2018

In this article I am wanting opinions on incarceration vs rehabilitation. Do you feel the money spent on incarcerating a person could be better spent.

Just Say Yes, Marijuana in Indiana

KCJB Moderator | 01-04-2018

The state system or government does not represent the people they claim to be serving. Most of all our followers that voted for legalization in our poll did so stating the medical uses and benefits to their own health.

Be Ready Buy Narcan

KCJB Moderator | 01-04-2018

Next time you are at Walgreens or any other drug store ask if they have Narcan and ask for instructions how to administer it. We carry road flares, blankets, and even fire arms just in case the need arises in an emergency.

Neglect of a dependent results in death

KCJB Moderator | 01-03-2018

The mother is being charged with neglect of a dependent which would indicate that the prosecutor believes this to be an accident. There is nothing more frightful to a parent then finding them selves in a situation like this.

Does tattoos tell if someone will be a criminal.

Michael lannon | 01-02-2018

Does tattoos and criminal behavior go hand and hand. Does tattoos say wether a person will become a criminal or not. Are the three studies listed comparable to tattoos and criminal behavior.

KCJB Version 2.0

KCJB Moderator | 01-01-2018

On January 1st, 2018 we pushed the newer version of our site live. Well it wasn't perfect and we have some layout / design issues to deal with. Our team was ringing in the new year and had a bit to much to drink.