About KCJB.online

Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) is not affiliated with any news network, organization, business, or law enforcement. This website is NOT managed by the county Sheriff's department.


This site is operated and maintained by private citizens. Arrest records and jail bookings are public record which is non-proprietary meaning they do not belong to any private entity. These records are not created by Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB). These records are created by the county sheriff department when persons are arrested and booked in to the county jail. The information is made public by law.


Because all are presumed innocent until proven guilty Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) takes the privacy of those arrested seriously. Even though the addresses of those booked in to the county jail are also public record Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) will not post them.

Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) understand that innocent people such as significant others, parents, and or children may reside at these addresses. Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) regardless of opinion respects the privacy rights of all that are accused. However, they can be found through other mediums.


The resposibility belongs to each of us to stay out of jail. Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) has no authority in how you are seen by the public at large. The control over your public image is yours alone. If you do not want to be seen in a negative light do not get arrested and booked into the county jail.


Not being connected to any private business or public office Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) enjoys a level of freedom from conventional professionalism. Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) retains the right to express controversial opinions freely and are not bound by company policy nor political correctness.

Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) dose have a strong sense of moral responsibility along with a set of values. These may or may not be different to others. Nevertheless Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) has every right to be or not to be "professional".

Court of Public Opinion:

As the world is everyone at times willingly or unwittingly passes judgment. Whether its with spoken words or a disapproving glare. With that being said Kosciusko County Jail Bookings (KCJB) is allowing you to take part in this "Court of Public Opinion". You may cast your vote stating your opinion either guilty or not guilty.

Understand that your votes have no real meaning. All arresstees are presumed innocent until proven guilty. These votes hold no value in a court of law and only reflect the bias of those casting them not a reflection on the arrestees.