Kosciusko County Jail Bookings

County bookings are provided by many different sources. We are not associated with law enforcement.


Our main focus is to provide our visiters with clean user friendly controls to search Kosciusko County jail bookings. We do this by providing clean data in the form of mugshots, criminal charges, as well as arrestee details such as race, gender, age and city of origen. By doing so we hope to provide valuable content that our unique user base will enjoy.

The data we collect is public record made available to the public at large by state and federal law. What gives KCJB.online value is what we do with these public records. Site administrators spend hours collecting arrest records and organizing the data into our database. They segment the data into unique searchable segments. This allows you to run invaluable searches based on just about any criteria you feel is important.


- Employers -

If you are an employer you know running countless background checks can become expensive. What we offer you is a chance to search our database before spending limited resources on a background check that may result in an ineligible hire. Why waste time and money when you can check here first.

With our easy to use search features you can search potential new hires quickly. If they pop up with a disqualifying criminal charge, your finished. This is not intended to be a full criminal background check but a preliminary scan. It is suggested that even if a potential new hire is not flagged by our system that a full background check be conducted.

- Dating Partners -

So you met someone new and instantly felt an attraction. Remember what happen last time? We do, you started dating and a month or two into the relationship she or he, let their crazy show. Now you're still paying off the window repairs on your new car. Your mom is always reminding you of "what happen" and always wishing you would just meet a nice guy or girl?

That doesn't have to happen this time. Use KCJB.online to scan the your date before hand. This time can be different. This time you wont fall for the wrong guy or girl, you wont have to hear it from your mom or best friends. This time he or she will pass the scan and not be crazy. Make that promise to your self, this time.

- Community & Neighbors -

As members of this local community it is up to all of us to ensure that we do everything in our power to address issues such as crime, substance abuse, and domestic violence. We can not simply ignore the problem and push responsibility off onto others. Public officials, police officers, church leaders, school teachers, volunteers of all types, family and friends it is our duty to server our community. We must take it upon ourselves to do what we can to provide the resources and or materials needed by those that need them most.

If you come across someone in your social circle that has fallen on hard times finding their way into jail and struggling to walk the straight and narrow, offer them help. Kind and supportive words can go a long way to show acceptance even when mistakes have been made. With our state and county suffering from such a large drug epidemic we could benefit a great deal from rehabilitation centers and other treatment centers. Finding the right kind of help for the right people isnt easy it will take a community effort.

Intended Usage

KCJB.online has many potential uses. For the most part we expect visitors to search for arrests that might have affected them or even search for their own arrest records. The site could also be used by employers to scan applicants for any disqualifying factors. Bail bondsmen, bounty hunters and or attorneys could use KCJB.online to find leads or to track the known whereabouts of an offender.

The use as well as the audience for KCJB.online isn't easy to predict. No matter how serious the offence there is always room for entertainment. Some users will be more engaged with games or gossip while others will consider the public records and nothing more. Most users will search arrest records to be informed of current events. The commentary section of KCJB.online will be used to post opinion peices relating to local current events.

We understand being a county centered website our user base will be restricted to the immediate area, however we consider this a strength that will allow us to build a loyal base of highly engaged users. There is a demand for locally based resources with roots in the community. Providing valuable content, public records, entertainment, and opinions on current events from within the communities they affect is appreciated.